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Central Hobart Training Facilities
The Philip Smith Centre is managed by Hobart Discovery Incorporated, a non-profit organization established to preserve the building and contribute to the preservation of our heritage.
All profits go to the maintenance of the building and promotion of heritage values.
Maintaining a focus on community education is part of our commitment to the social as well as physical heritage of the property. The Philip Smith Centre was purpose built as a training venue in 1911.
The building is significant in stature, history, and continues to offer excellent training facilities. The surrounding gardens offer a tranquil setting while remaining close to the Central Business District of Hobart. The large training rooms have high ceilings, an ample supply of natural light and structural protection from noise disturbance.
This is combined with modern heating and teaching facilities to provide an ideal learning environment for small and large groups. The ground floor Theatre offers a stage and seating for over 100 people. This area is ideal for large group meetings, balls, theatre productions and functions such as wedding receptions.